When Captain Hook was killed by the crocodile, the lost boys were coming back home, in the real world. Everyone but the shadow of Pan! Whereas, Peter Pan decided to follow his heart, Wendy... They stayed for a short period together and it almost seemed to be an "happily ever after", but then something happened and they broke up. Peter left her home and he lived for a while in a small cottage, without his shadows, without his soul...

"Ich dachte, dass du in dieser Insel würdest bleiben..." 
"Ja... Aber ich habe Angst, dich zu verlieren!"
"Du kann nicht hier ohne Seele leben, Pan!"

"Ich weiss..."

The saddest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly. Peter continued to live in the same city with the constant fear of losing her forever. His body was about to explode, thinking about that moment. The one when she would find someone else. At that moment, he could never do anything to get her back.

"You taught me the word love, Wendy..."

"No! I am the same as when I was younger, whatever happened to you?"

"I know it is hard right now, but I think it becomes clearer when you grow up"

"Then I'll go home. I'll go home someday and I'll grow up! And take your feelings with you"

"Peter... Don't!"

"Don't? Why? Come with me and we will grow up. Come back to me... We will be together again. Nothing else matters"

"Yeah, baby! Neverland. The place where I left unattended my shadow..."

She was looking at him now, with such a suffering expression that, for an instant, he regretted having spoken with her. There was something in her eyes. All children grow up... except one. He decided to remain in that period dreaming up... Dreaming her.

"No Peter, not Neverland..."
"So what, girl?" 

*he flies off*